Visa Processing/PRO Services

CSST offers wide range of services detailed are below:

Abscond Reporting (Housemaid)

Amer Service

Cancellation-Employment Visa

Cancellation Family Visa

Cancellation-Investor/Partner Visa

Cancellation-Maid Visa

Changing Employment Visa and Dependents Visa without exit

Children Sponsored by mother

Dependent Sponsorship


Domestic Worker’s Visa

GDRFA (Immigration Office) Locations

Education Visa


Ejari-Tenancy Online Registration

Emirates ID

Emirates ID Lost

Fines (Visa, Labour Card, Mulikiya, OHC, Driving Lic, Trade Lic)

Freehold Visa


Family Visa-Dubai

Family Visa-Sharjah Family Visa Cancellation

Family Visa holding while Canceling Sponsor’s Visa

Family Visa Renew

Family Visa Stamping-New (Sponsor-Investor)

Family Visa Renew (Sponsor-Investor)

Husband’s Residence Visa-Sponsored by Wife

Immigration Est. Card-New

Immigration Est. Card-Renew

Immigration Est. Card-Amendment

Immigration Est. Card-Lost

Immigration Office

Investor Visa-New

Investor Visa Stamping-After Entry

Visit Visa

Investor Visa Renew

Investor/Partner visa

Transfer Visa from Old Passport to New Passport

Visa Cancellation-Family