Trademark Registration Services

A trade mark is a sign which distinguishes your goods and services from those of other businesses. It shows ownership. When many customers see that a logo is trademark, it can definitely elevate your business in people’s mind based upon professionalism.

Registering a trademark avoids potential costs that arise when two businesses use the same branding. Your trade mark could also be described as your “brand” and can be made up of words, logos or a combination of both.

Registering your company trade mark will allow you to prevent other companies from selling goods or services using your trade mark and you can take legal actions against counterfeiters. If you have an unregistered trademark this means that people are free to damage your reputation by exploiting your goods.

To proceed with the registration of your trademark you should first:

Make sure that name and logo you are registering is available.

Consider the trademark registration fees involved.

Be ready to describe what your business does and which products and services it will sell.

Registered trademarks last for an initial ten-year period and can be renewed indefinitely for additional ten-year periods subject to paying renewal fees.

Creative Solutions Services & Translation L.L.C. provides services which can help you with your trade mark needs. We are able to assist you with applying for and enforcing trademark registrations.