“Are you thinking of expanding your business? taking it to next level of regional reach, international or even global?”

Creative Solutions Services & Translation is here to help you take this step and make your dream come true, not only that but also, making the best decision about your international investment, in one of the fastest growing countries in the MENA region and around the world, United Arab Emirates.

International investors look for business opportunities outside their home countries for multiple reasons; they might be looking for an expansion point to maximize their profits, low cost of labor, they might be escaping high taxes, demanding smooth and less bureaucratic process of launching a business, or easier reach to the outer world. Well, UAE offers all of this and more, and it is our experts’ job to give you the consultation you are looking for.


Business Set-up Services

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Trademark Registration Services

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Visa Processing/PRO Services

Some times getting the immigration and visa processing done could be difficult and involves lot of documentation work. CSST is here to help you with the immigration services…. Read More

Trademark Registration Services

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Visa Processing/PRO Services

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UAE recognized by the World Trade Organization (WTO) as one of the top 30 trading nations in the world, maintaining its position as the Middle East most vibrant economy, while also positioned as a global trade hub and one of the world’s preferred re-export destination, and ranking well in almost all commercial and infrastructure related variable. Notwithstanding, the taxation regime in UAE is favorable to the investor, particularly in light of the relative scarcity of personal and corporate taxes.

The UAE is the only country where no taxation is applicable, except to branches of foreign banks, hotels and major oil and gas companies. Moreover, foreign companies with a presence in UAE can gain considerable competitive advantages and benefits compared with competitors abroad by reason of the tax regime in the UAE and other investments incentives offered in the UAE to foreign investors.


UAE ranks highest among GCC countries and ranks 17 out 156 happiest nations, according to the World Happiness Report. No wonder!

UAE is one of the world’s highest per-capita-income (US$): 49,584 and with a sizable annual trade surplus.

UAE economy is considered to be among the Gulf’s most liberal with no foreign debt, and is widely credited for being the most diversified in the region.

Principle export destinations: Japan, India, Iran. While principle import sources: China, India, United States of America.

UAE is the most favored destination for FDI in West Asia as declared by UNCTAD

UAE has more than 20 free zones that offers you the choice to deal with the outer world without directly trading inside UAE, opening doors to export and import

Investors can choose from multiple types of companies to register in UAE: free zone company, offshore company, limited liability corporation, branch and representative offices, or mainland companies (trade)

UAE law defines seven categories of business organization; general partnership company, partnership-en-commendams, joint venture company, public shareholding company, private shareholding company, Limited liability company, Share partnership company

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